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Responsible Breeding - Responsible Buying

The following information is taken from GCCF website.
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First considerations
We are delighted that you are considering purchasing a pedigree kitten to be part of your family-but before that exciting day when you go to collect your new kitten, there are important points to consider:

Are you ready for a cat? Before you start to look, consider the basics.  From the cost of keeping your new pet, grooming, possible vet fees-getting a new kitten is a lifelong commitment.
Finding the right breed.  Advice and help is available from GCCF, to ensure you find the right breed for your home and lifestyle.  Check out the information on our Choosing a Breed pages.

Finding the right breeder.  When searching for a healthy, correctly bred pedigree kitten, it is the breeder that is the most important consideration-here are some helpful tips on how to find the right one:  
We operate the GCCF Breeder Scheme
Members of the scheme, and other responsible breeders, should do the following:

Follow recommended breeding policies
Make use of health screening schemes, such as testing for PKD in Persians or Hypokalaemia in Burmese or Asian cats (N.B. GCCF Breeder Scheme Breeders MUST use the schemes)
Ensure the kitten is seen with its mother, to give an indication of how the kitten is likely to turn out
Be prepared to answer your questions about the breed
Give new owners written information regarding the diet and care of their new kitten, as well as a correct pedigree
Be there as a point of contact throughout the kitten's life to ensure that the cat and owner have a happy and fulfilling relationship
If a breeder doesn't follow these guidelines and if the kittens do not appear happy and are not kept in good conditions, then look elsewhere.
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