My Boys

Kittylicious Sir Max Persian Chinchilla
Born 09 / 08 / 2012
Sire:  Heavensangel Gabriel
Dam: Poshfelines Shelly

Sir Max



Boy is an offspring of Denzel, with the temperament of a saint he loves to be the centre of attention if he thinks someone else is getting more than him he will gently push away his rival and find the best place to get petted the most.
When Max was born it was clear he was a keeper, with his big round eyes and paws the size of a fifty pence peace, soft white fur with a sprinkling of silver. Now he has taken over where his dad left off and produces some of the most adorable kittens you have ever seen.
It is understandable we get numerous calls asking for kittens that he has sired usually from people who have seen one of our babies at a friend's house or seen them on instagram or twitter.
Poshfelines Ossy Golden Persian
(Casper) Born  28 / 05 / 2010
Sire:  Whitesatin Moondust
Dam: Sibirica Bedazzled


Boy we got Casper from Lyne at Poshfelines, it was love at first site, he was so cuddly and of such a pleasant nature it was impossible to leave without him, the intention at the time was to get a


stud boy but as normal “best plans” were dashed because of Casper and his clingy nature.
He has been our


Golden Stud now for a number of years and is the dad to a number of babies pictured on our site, anyone looking for one of his babies also has a wait as you can imagine he is popular with the ladies.

However he has one trait you need to be aware of if visiting, he has a tendency to lure you into a false sense of security by getting you to stroke his face then, without hesitation turns around and sprays leaving you with his cent for the rest of the day so be warned. It can be a costly cleaning bill.

Sir Max
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