Fleas and Worms

Worms can make kittens weak. Kittens should be treated against roundworms at 4-6 weeks and then regularly every 2 – 3 weeks until they are 4 months old. After this worming they should be treated for roundworms and tapeworms every 2 – 6 months depending on how much they hunt and if they have fleas. Use a proprietary wormer available from your vet and follow the dosing instructions carefully.


Even clean cats pick up fleas so check for these while grooming. Flea dirt can usually be seen as small brown specks particularly around the neck and base of the tail. When placed on damp cotton wool ‘flea dirt’ slowly dissolves producing bloody streaks.

For effective control, adult fleas on the kitten must be killed and re-infestation from the environment prevented. Traditional flea preparations – sprays, shampoos and collars – can contain substances that are potentially toxic to kittens and may not be very effective. Your vet can supply a number of new products to kill fleas that are very safe because they act at receptors that are not present in mammals, only in insects. The ‘spot-on’ products are very easy to apply and can be used from a young age.

Other animals in the house will also have to be treated. The cat’s bedding should be washed or replaced. Your vet will also be able to supply products that can tackle the fleas in the house, including some that can be taken by the cat to prevent the flea reproducing.

Information from:- fabcats.org

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